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General Dentistry Near You

At Aspen Dental Clinic, our team is dedicated to providing our patients with comprehensive, personalized, and preventive dental care. We understand that every patient is unique and has their own goals and concerns regarding their oral health. With our general dentistry services, we are committed to helping all of our patients maintain their glowing, healthy smiles.

Dental Cleanings & Checkups

Everyone wants to maintain their radiant, healthy smiles for as long as possible. When it comes to maintaining optimal oral health, attending professional dental cleanings and checkups near you is essential. At these appointments, our dentist and dental hygienist work to eliminate harmful bacteria and plaque from the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and provide you with comprehensive treatment plans.

Root Canal Therapy

A tooth is composed of many layers, and tooth decay starts on the outermost layer of your tooth, referred to as the tooth enamel. When this decay progresses, it makes its way to the center of your tooth, known as the pulp. All of the essential roots and nerves that provide nutrients to your tooth are contained within the pulp. When the pulp becomes infected or damaged, it leads to severe pain and can result in tooth loss. We offer root canal therapy in Rocky Mountain House to alleviate the pain caused by tooth infections and save your tooth from extraction.

general dentistry near you