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As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is always happy and healthy, including when it comes to oral health. At Aspen Dental Clinic, we are proud to offer our little patients several dental appliances so that they can continue to flash their perfect, radiant smiles as they grow into adulthood. Here are some of the dental appliances that our Rocky Mountain House dental clinic offers.

custom night guards

Custom Night Guards

Have you noticed your child complaining of headaches when they wake in the morning or rubbing their jaw because it is sore? While this pain may not happen often, teeth clenching and grinding can become a serious problem for some kids.

When someone grinds their teeth habitually or involuntarily during sleep, they have a condition referred to as bruxism. This condition can be very hard on our jaw joints and tooth enamel, causing premature wear on teeth and pain in our neck, jaw, and head. So how does one protect their teeth and jaw from bruxism? The answer lies in custom night guards in Rock Mountain House.

When you visit our Rocky Mountain House dentist for a custom night guard, they will begin by taking impressions of your child’s teeth. These impressions will be sent to a dental lab, where a comfortable, perfectly fitted night guard will be created. Your child will be instructed to wear the night guard each night to keep their top and bottom teeth separated and prevent damage from involuntary grinding and clenching.

Custom Sports Guards

There is no better feeling than watching your child play their heart out, engaging in the sport they love. However, there is no worse feeling than having them run up to you crying because their tooth got knocked out by the ball. For this reason, we offer custom sports guards in Rocky Mountain House.

A custom sports guard works to protect your child’s teeth by minimizing the impact of jaw and teeth injuries and stopping them from accidentally biting their lips or cheeks during sports play. While there are plenty of over-the-counter sports guards, the best fitting, most comfortable, and effective sports guard comes from a professional Rocky Mountain House dental clinic.

custom sports guards

Space Maintainers

Losing baby teeth is a natural and exciting part of growing up; however, if your child loses their teeth too early due to extraction, trauma, or decay, they may require space maintainers in Rocky Mountain House. If a tooth is lost too early, this can cause problems such as shifting teeth, leading to bite misalignment and other dental issues.

A space maintainer is an oral appliance created to “maintain” the space left behind by a missing baby tooth. Our Rocky Mountain House dentist typically creates these out of metal or acrylic. The main function of this dental appliance is to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting to fill the space left behind by the prematurely lost baby tooth. Once the permanent tooth starts to erupt, the space maintainer will be removed.

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If you are interested in any of the above dental appliances, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Aspen Dental Clinic. We are happy to provide dental appliances for kids so that they can maintain their sweet smiles for years to come.