Cost of Root Canal Treatment


Root canal therapy is often considered one of the most terrifying procedures. However, if you need the treatment, it’s better to get it done sooner than later. Even if you are scared by the cost of the treatment, you should not skip the treatment in order to avoid any other dental infections that might lead to several other oral issues. 

It is because the treatment is done to repair your severely impacted tooth to prevent complications. Thus, it is recommended to reach out to root canal therapy near you as soon as possible.  

What is A Root Canal Treatment?

The purpose of a root canal procedure is to replace the affected pulp and nerves in your tooth. If the infection in the tooth’s root is not treated, it will worsen the bone and gum conditions around the tooth. It may also result in serious dental problems. Therefore, it’s preferable to have a root canal performed as soon as possible if you require one.

Symptoms That You Might Need A Root Canal

If you are not sure that you need root canal treatment by your dentist in Rocky Mountain House, here are the signs for it:

  • General unease or fever
  • Having a toothache that is really severe and sharp, persistent and dull, or throbbing
  • Gum swelling or sensitivity close to the afflicted tooth
  • Painkillers don’t make the pain go away.
  • A pimple or abscess develops near the damaged tooth’s gum. This zit may burst and ooze a pussy white liquid


    Cost Of Root Canal ( With/Without Insurance )

  • Root Canal With Insurance

Many insurance companies provide full coverage for regular checkups but will only cover a percentage of more invasive procedures. Most commonly your insurance will cover 30 to 50% of the treatment costs. 

Further, some insurance providers also allow installment payment options. However, it might end up costing a lot of money in the long run. 

  • Root Canal Without Insurance

Without insurance, the root canal surgery will cost you around $1000. However, there are certainly other ways that might help you save some money:

  1. Utilizing a dental savings card.
  2. Before arranging your root canal, compare the prices of the various dentists in your area to locate the most economical one.
  3. Requesting a discount for paying in cash or in one lump sum
  4. Looking into whether local dentists provide payment plans so you can pay for the surgery at a price that fits your budget.
  5. Search for local groups that offer free or reduced-cost dental care.
  6. Investigating local dental and endodontic schools to see if you can receive free or cheap care there.

However, it is advisable to purchase dental insurance in the event that you anticipate having significant dental issues in the future or if you have a family history of the condition. By doing this, you can pay for your root canal and any other future treatments you might need.


1] How painful is a root canal?

Since the inflammation and dead tissues around the tooth prevent local anesthetic solution from successfully penetrating the tooth if the infection has been present for a long time, freezing the tooth may be challenging. This is why it’s crucial to get early treatment.

After receiving root canal therapy, you may suffer sensitivity, edema, or inflammation during the first few days.

2] Do root canals hurt a lot?

Having a deep filling is often not all that different from having a root canal operation thanks to modern technology. The tooth and gums will be numbed with local anesthetic by your dentist so you experience little to no pain during the operation.

Are You Looking For a Root Canal Therapy Dentist Near You?

If you need a root canal treatment in Rocky Mountain House, do not hesitate to get a treatment, visit Aspen Dental Clinic. We have a team of experienced dentists who will plan out the cost of a root canal.